Beaver Removal Services – Upstate NY

where to buy topamax Beavers can plug culverts, drainage ditches, and drainpipes which floods roadways or driveways. Beaver dams force water to collect against roads or other areas. These floods can be the root cause of potholes and instability. Their dams may also flood upstream areas. These floods can damage homes or kill crops and trees.

Beaver Dam


Beavers will cut down or girdle trees for food. Beaver dams can completely transform the surrounding environment. While this could be good for some species, it can be devastating for others. These dams may also cause water supplies to become contaminated or interfere with sewer systems. Since Beavers are a protected species, landowners can apply for special permits, with the DEC, that allows the removal of nuisance beavers or disturbing a beaver dam, house, or den. In order to alter a beaver dam to change the water level, you will also need an additional DEC permit.

Beaver Removal

There are a number of legal, safety, and environmental issues when looking to modify beaver wetlands. When installing water level control devices, if installed incorrectly, they could create dangerous road conditions or flood downstream areas. This means you could be liable for any damages caused. Because of these issues we recommend you call us first. We can work directly with the N.Y.S.D.E.C, highway departments and site engineers to coordinate the removal of any nuisance beavers.