Fox & Coyote Removal Services – Upstate NY

can u buy tinidazole over the counter Foxes do a great job of keeping nuisance wildlife like mice and voles away, but can become a nuisance on their own. Foxes are well known for getting into chicken and turkey coop. They are normally out and about during the daytime hours. They have a natural tendency is to flee rather than fight. Foxes are not dangerous to people unless they are rabid, which is rare.

Coyotes are similar in their behavior, but will sometimes eat larger animals. This means coyotes pose a larger threat to your pets.

Fox Removal

In the spring, they tend to den underneath porches or other sheltered areas while they’re raising their pups. Foxes are known to use more than one den to raise their pups. They may move them up to 4 times.

Fox Carrying Pup

Typically fencing can be used to keep foxes and coyotes out, but they can dig under them. We are specialized in safe, humane and affordable fox removal. We can not only remove them from your property, but we can make sure they don’t come back.