Raccoon Removal Services – Upstate NY

when to order Pregabalin level Raccoons prefer living in hardwood forests near streams, rivers, swamps or ponds. Even though they are nocturnal, raccoons may be active during the day, especially in the spring and summer. They are highly adaptable and are found in both suburban and urban areas.

Raccoon Removal Wildlife Control

Raccoons are excellent climbers and use this ability to enter buildings by climbing trees or downspouts. Raccoons can cause damage or nuisance problems in a variety of ways. They can scratch scratch at corners of your house or building and can also tear off shingles or fascia boards to gain access. Raccoons also will roll up freshly laid sod in order to search for food like grubs and earthworms.

Raccoons can be a health risk to you and your pets. They are typically associated with rabies and raccoon roundworm. Over the past 30 years, the incidence of reported cases of rabies in raccoons and other wildlife has increased dramatically. Because of this, it’s important that you are safe when dealing with your raccoon removal. Call us today for a free quote for removing your raccoon problem and sealing up your location so that they do not return.