Rodent Removal Services – Upstate NY Do you have a mouse, rat, chipmunk infestation in your home or business?
Upstate NY Wildlife Control can help.

Often times it’s the smallest pests that do the most damage. Whether its a mouse, rat, chipmunk infestation, these tiny critters can not only destroy your garden but they can severely damage your home. Mice will chew just about anything to for nesting materials. A mouse will gnaw through paper, wood, plastic and cloth. This means damage to things like your houses siding, or your interior furniture. Mice and rats will even chew through wire insulation inside your walls. This can cause a real threat of fire.

These smaller nuisance pests can multiply rather quickly. Chipmunks often have around 3-4 per litter, where mice, moles and voles can average around 6-8 per litter.

Rodent Removal

Mice and rats are smart and are exceptional climbers. If you are hearing noises of scurrying from one location to another or from gnawing and scratching within walls, ceiling or attics signs of an infestation. Also, if you are noticing odors from either a dead mouse or urine and fecal deposits can indicate that there are multiple pests. These small pests carry big heath risks. From food contamination illnesses like Salmonella to life threatening diseases like Hantavirus, you shouldn’t risk waiting to remove these rodents from your property.

Got a mole or vole problem?
We’ve got you covered there too.

Moles can tunnel anywhere from 4 to 16 inches underground. Typically these tunnels can’t be seen, but they can they can be seen in your lawn by mole hills created from depositing dirt from their tunnels.

These tunneling vermin can not only damage your lawn surface, they can damage the root system below your lawn causing the raised areas of grass to dry out and die. When left unchecked, these tunnels can also weaken your property’s foundation resulting in thousands of dollars in damage.Signs of a mole or vole infestation can be seen in your lawn by mole hills created from depositing dirt from their tunnels. 

Mole & Vole Removal